Boating Info Brittany

The website on boating in Brittany includes all information to the general public and professionals:
- News, boat shows, sailing events,
- List of companies by industry, geographic area in the Company section, detailed at Company at the top,

- Portraits of men and women entrepreneurs,
- Photos, videos: interviews companies,
- Complete offers on water sports,
- Comprehensive overview of marinas,
- Innovative, sustainable and responsible boating,
- Training with business cards and the list of institutions,

- Tips for boaters: Tide predictions for 6 days (SHOM), weather, semaphores, storms, details of Cross, ...

- Observatory of the economic sector; figures, studies, trends, ...
- Monthly newsletter

Led by the Regional Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Brittany, with support of the Region and many partners, the Internet portal boating in Brittany recognizes 200 000 connections (since its inception line in September 2007), or about 600 daily connections

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